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Garmins and Speed Limits

Good day.

I noticed the Garmin 2200, 2300, and 2400 series PND's will come with the ability to set speed limits on streets where either the speed limit is (a) posted but not accurate or (b) not yet known. I have some questions regarding this.

(1) Is this function available for roads that already have a speed limit set by Garmin, or can it be applied to all roads?

(2) Is the function similar to TomTom's, where you can use the touch function to set it, or is their system different? Will Garmin verify these for accuracy?

(3) Surprisingly, the 3700 series lacks this function. Do you think it would be applied as a firmware upgrade in the future? If not, will the collected data transfer to all Garmin owners on future map updates?

I thank you for your time.


  • Boyd 1987 Points
    There are several features on the new 2400 series that I wish would migrate to my 3790. At CES, the admin of another GPS site specifically asked the Garmin rep about this and his answer was "no". When asked why, he said something to the effect that they're in the business of selling new products.

    Take this with a grain of salt since it's all hearsay of course. :)

    Nevertheless, unless Garmin changes their ways then I doubt we will see much change in the 3700 feature set. There have been precious few examples in the history of the nuvi line where a feature migrated downwards to an older model.

  • For 1 and 2, I have no idea, for # 3, Yea, I would bet many features could easily be added to older models with FW updates, but Garmin won't.
    I see both sides, they want you to buy the newest and greatest, and if they updated the old, nobody would buy the new.
    On the other hand, if knowing that new features may be added to an older unit (within reason and actual capabilities of the hardware of course) could sway some to buy a Garmin in the first place instead of another brand.
  • gatorguy 326 Points
    No other brand is adding new model features to older devices either, other than Navigon with paid upgrades on some models. And they don't have a US presence with pnd's. Tomtom did away with adding new features to older models long ago, unless you count returning some of the missing interface options on the low end Start/Ease devices last year.
  • I wish I could set correct speed limits with my 265wt! Really have to be careful, as the speed limits are FREQUENTLY incorrect!
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