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I'm not impressed.

maccardi 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
Well, Ive owned this unit for 4 days and I've taken one 3 hour trip with it only to find out that the two things I use a GPS for the most are pretty useless on this unit. Other than actual navigation, the 2 most important features to me are accurate ETA and speed limit of the road I'm on. My trip was 195 miles on all highway roads with no real stop and go traffic and the Motovav came up with an initial ETA of nearly 4 hours for a 2 hour and 50 minute trip.
This unit runs like my Navigon did at first before they did a big update about 2 years ago. After Navigon did that update, the ETA's were nearly perfect, within a couple of minutes and as they produced quarterly map updates, the road speed limits kept filling in.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like Moto is going to do anything about maps/speed limits, and I'm guessing that a firmware update for the other bugs is probably not in the works. I will keep the unit and keep playing with it or put it in another car for now, I knew that for $130 it could be disposable. I will probably buy a Garmin Nulink 1695 to replace it since that is what I initially was looking at before I heard about the Motonav.


  • There have been no updates for quite a while, but updates do exist. I bought mine 2 months ago and had to download several updates.
  • I have installed the updates and my comments are based on the my updated unit. Don't get me wrong, I think the unit was a great idea, and there is allot of potential for it but unfortunately, Motorola has apparently abandoned it making it worthless to me. As I mentioned initially, the 2 most important GPS features I use cannot be fixed by skin cosmetics. I will keep the unit with the hope that Moto will sell the rights to another manufacturer that may continue to produce and update it but I'm not holding my breath. Meanwhile I need a GPS and I found the Garmin 1695 for $300 which I think will satisfy my needs.
  • maccardi have you checked to be sure your time zone is correct? I was having a similar issue and found that it was set to the wrong zone.
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