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Bluetooth - TN765

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I just picked up the TN765 and it will not sync with my Sprint Evo.

Please help.



  • Unfortunately, Motorola only guarantees complete compatibility with a certain number of Motorola phones. By complete compatibility, I refer to full functionality of Message syncing, as well as contacts and dialing.

    With Non-moto phones, the standard seems to be syncing of contacts and voice/dialing through the GPS, but nobody, to my knowledge, has been able to successfully get message syncing.

    If you go into the Blue Tooth menu and go through the set up and make your phone discoverable, you should be able to connect your phone for dial out and receiving calls, but I believe that's about it. This will at least give you access to the MotoExtras features like POI Google search and POI import from the internet, weather, and flight status.

    Good luck, and check out the latest skins! Some pretty crafty work going on to make this great device even better.
  • I tried to turn on discoverable and it would not connect with Evo?


  • Its not Moto's fault. I have Ford Sync (which also supports text messaging via bluetooth) and very few phones support it. Moto actually has some of the best support for the protocol needed for the text messages.

    Here's a list for Ford Sync (Text messaging column is on the right)

    P.S. Verizon blocks it on all of their phones.

    Now back to the Evo. Does it sync with any other hands free device?
  • My Evo syncs fine in my Nissan Sentra.

  • Next question, have you been able to sync any other phone with your TN765?
  • No, The Evo is the only phone I have.

  • No, The Evo is the only phone I have.

    Any fiends who will let you monkey around with their phones? I am trying to figure out if it is some great incompatibility with the TN765 and the Evo, of if you your TN765 is messed up / broken.

    One other thing I just remembered. Moto released some software updates for the TN765 specifically regarding bluetooth issues. Have you updated yo your TN765 yet?
  • Yes, I did the update but will try again to see if there are any additional updates.

    Thanks for the help!

  • @Thunderlizard

    Do you know if any of you GURU's / developers are able to modify the compatibility string for phones that can not find / see, the TN765? I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 that can not see the TN765, even after I renamed my PND, I have a few other phones that can, however, I would have to swap my sim card back and forth, as I would like to have my android (2.3.3) with it all the time....kind of a pain in the but, to change everytime I want to jump in my truck...
    I know it has to do with BT profile, however, it seems that could be Modded, as all the file is, is .dll in the BT folder.
    Any ideas :?:
  • There are some other, sharp, Inquiring minds that also want to know, but as of yet, no one in our Moto circle has the skill set to make the modification. Closest we've gotten is to ascertain that it is a registry editing issue.

    I know it's frustrating. Some have good luck with phones syncing (mostly main stream phones) others do not. I have a Droid 2, and it will sync, but I've never enjoyed the text messaging that was originally claimed by the Moto advertising.

    All I can say is hang in there - if it's possible, some one will find a way. In the meantime, change the skin and get it tweaked the way you want. It's still a great GPS for all the reasons we've discussed in this forum. :) I'm in sales and it's been an amazing tool for me - above and beyond other GPS products I've used in the past.
    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  • Thank you TL, I greatly appreciate your response, AND MOST OF ALL, Thank you, blueTOOTH, and RAMRODSR, for your accomplishment with the skins and tweaks and I love it, it really got me the info on the screen, instead of going back and forth with the dashboard thing. I am a Home/ commercial Building Inspector, as well as, Mechanical Services, this jewel does a great job for me as well as using my Android for Mapping. When I use the hands free, I have to use my old Phone, swapping the sim card out to connect to my Moto PND (Siemens SX66 -dubbed "Blue Angel" (HTC) by XDA Developers, I'm a member there as well and I use and build on ROM's, and use some of the built ROM's as well for my Phones. I Modded my Blue Angel to the hilt, including installing a camera in it, I had to modify one of my extra cases I had as am more if a hardware person, than programming, however, I am learning ore and more, working with GIT, GCC GNU compilers, and into some simple "C++" languages to help figure out some of the things that we cant get support on. IF I can get my brain to absorb more of this programming stuff, I will try and be of more help in the Forum communities, related to the tools I use, if not More.

    Sorry for the long wind....Cheers to ya!! Thanks again!
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