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Navigon 4350 max probs

Albinoni 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Hi to all here, I've got a Navigon 4350 max GPS unit and sometime ago it got corrupted and all the Australian maps got lost or were all corrupted, basically when I turned it ON I got an error saying "could not find any maps etc".

Anyhow last night I went onto the Navigon website and re-downloaded the Australian maps which was roughly over 320MB file or prob slightly more. Anyhow after the downlod the Australian map did install well and when I turned it ON it did finally come ON and show the map.

Now my main problem I am facing is, every so often the GPS unit will lock up and worse off will just re boot or re start itself, simply just re-boot. Even sometmes when I turn it ON to start it, it will start, than during start up will reboot itself

I rang Navigon here in Australia which is unfortuanltely located in Sydney (long way from Perth) and they said I need to send it in to fix the corrupt software, they reckon its definately a software corruption issue. But I want to try and fix this problem myself and save time etc sending it 3000kms away.

Help would be appreciated.
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