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How do I report a bug about my XXL540M?

quincy 0 Points
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I was trying to get directions from St. George, ON to St. Jacob's, ON. The device asked if I wanted to avoid HOV lanes. There aren't any between those two towns. I tried the response "Yes" and then the unit told there was no route. I retried the routine but this time replied "No" to the query and the unit again said there was no route.

I have tried this query on three different days and gotten the same result. I tried e-mailing TomTom but got no reply.

Any other means of reporting a bug?


  • dhn 336 Points
    What other restrictions do you have set under planning preferences? And what type of routing is selected? Fastest? Is IQ routing enabled?

    Are you asking to go from city centre of St. George to city centre of St. Jacob?

    Don't waste your time with email.

    CS is 866-486-6866.

    Have them go through the same steps as you while you are on the phone. I assume you have the 860 map for your unit, right?
  • dhn 336 Points
    Well, I replicated your situation on my 540 WTE and on another unit, both using 860 maps.

    I even removed all mapshare corrections in case a faulty one somehow screwed things up and I even allowed for consideration of unpaved roads.

    There is a route, of course, when you use Google maps, for example.

    I have reported the problem to the TeleAtlas mapping division of TomTom.

    The problem isn't with St. George. It's with St. Jacobs. I can't even get a route there from Toronto.

    Some serious map error data!

    Small satisfaction but if you Navigate to (from St George Ontario) to lat/long and use these values: 43.537567,-80.554118, you should get a route.
  • I'm glad it's not just my unit, sort of.

    I was looking to test the unit and remind myself of the exit I needed to take off the highway. I also wanted to add a favorite, St. Jacob's Market and to see if there was another route other than the obvious Hwy 5 - Hwy 24 - Hwy 401 - Hwy 85.

    Interestingly, TomTom's Route Planner seems to think St. Jacobs is north of Thunder Bay.

    Thanks for checking it out.
  • dhn 336 Points
    A response today from Tomtom's mapping division:

    Thank you for contacting Tele Atlas. Based on a review of your report, we can now confirm that the change you suggested has been made. It will go out in the next release of our map database. This report is now closed

    Be clear what this means.......

    The data will go to TomTom's 'data manipulation' division about the first of March for the 870 (yes, 870) map. Will TomTom include the proper routing in its 870 map due in May 2011? Who knows?
  • Progress of sorts. We'll see in May.

    Thanks for your help.
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