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How to turn off the annoy ad from Motorola ?

coldinupstateny 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
Hi. I really enjoy this GPS and thanks to all the MODS from all the great people here created . However, I am really annoyed by the same ad from motorola keep poping up introduced this unit . Its loud and repeat the same thing over again about every 5 minutes or so. Every time it does I lost all my POI .Any help would be greatly appreciated. :cry:
I got this unit from Walmart last week for 140$.Great buy.


  • dhl 0 Points
    You're in demo mode, turn it off. I forgot where it is in the settings, but find it or do a search on here or the official motorola forums. Poor guy no one answered this easy question in over 4 days, I came out of retirement to field this one. :lol:

    Found the answer:

    Moondog151: Afterthought....I think if you go to "Main Menu"...."Help", you`ll see an option there to 'Exit Demo Mode", activate that area, and you should be good to go.....
  • Got it. Thank you DHL for provided the tip. Now i can really enjoy my Motonav again. :D
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