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Which Garmin devices are GPX files compatible?

I am a newbie to GPS and I need a Garmin road device for my car in which I can upload GPX files from Streets & Trips.

Can someone give me a list of devices that are compatible? Or a list of the Nuvi devices that are compatible?

I'm shopping on Amazon and have no way of knowing which ones are compatible with this need. I'll probably go with one of the Nuvi series.


  • t923347 413 Points
    From this link - you will find a list of all "current" Nuvi models. From this list you can look at each model individually or compare 3 at a time. What your looking for are models which list "Routes" as an included feature. All of those will accept GPX files from Streets & Trips 2010 or 2011.

    The current exception is the 37xx models, which Garmin has said will accept these files, but only after a firmware update which is due by the end of this month. The 2xxx models may also have this current limitation.

    This link - lists all discontinued Nuvi models. Most of the Nuvi's on this list may well still be available and are still supported by Garmin. Again, any of the Nuvi's on this list that list "Routes" as a feature, will accept GPX files.
  • gatorguy 224 Points
    The 22xx/23xx/1695 have the same limitation as the 3700's. The 24xx's are reported to now be compatible with route transfers/gpx files.
  • Ok, now I'm confused. I use Google maps to create a map with locations I plan on visiting, and using I save that map out as a GPX file, which I upload to my Nuvi 360 using POI Loader.

    Am I to understand that I wont be able to do that with the models listed above?
  • Boyd 1853 Points
    You can load POI's on all of the Nuvi's. They are talking about custom routes. GPX file can contain, POI's, waypoints, tracks and routes. All Nuvi's can load POI's and waypoints (aka Favorites). No Nuvi's can load tracks. Certain models of Nuvi's can load routes.
  • Great, thanks!
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