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XL340m vs XXL540m: help me decide

danielson2047 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
Hello everyone. Lookin at purchasing a new nav unit here soon, and have decided between these two units. Now i start reading reviews and hear all kinds of stories about "i got home and hooked it up to my pc and it bricked" or "the map update bricked it" or "there's not enough memory on the device to do the map update". Have these issues been handled? Or still running rampant? i really like these 2, and will prob just go with the 540m unless its more buggy than the 340m. Don't really need the screen real estate, but its always nice to have a bigger onscreen kb with my huge paws. Any input would be appreciated. Thanx.


  • dhn 336 Points
    REplied to you at TTF but, to repeat, people with 540 issues are those who tended to buy the units on Amazon and received faulty units to start.

    Brick & Mortar purchases tended to have no problems.

    But always make an Explorer, not Home, backup before anything else.
  • LOL, sorry bout that. Wasn't sure which forum was more "active". Thanx for the response though. So, avoid amazon. What about ebay?
  • dhn 336 Points
    ebay is NOT a legitimate reseller of tomtoms. (Amazon is).

    Consequently, 'let the buyer beware' when purchasing anything tt related on ebay.........
  • Yeah, ebay is a trust game. I generally don't make major purchases w/them. I just happened to see a large nuber of xl340's on there for under $110, so was curious. Now with those two gone, where's generally the best price of a legitimate seller/reseller? I don't mind refurbs generally.
  • Just checked for you and found the 540TM for $5.00 LESS than the 540M.
    The 540TM is selling at for $154.88 no tax or shipping, and the 540M is $159 at (I think free shipping, no tax except NJ). I bought a GPS from (it came overnight though I paid for 3-5 day delivery) but was not happy with it, and received a full refund without a problem. The Amazon prices are much lower, but as noted previously by dhn, the holiday batch shipped to Amazon from November and after seems to have caused major problems with a large amount of "posters". I got mine from Amazon in May/June and have not had a single problem (after all my name is Lucky). As long as you get a good new working one, you should be very happy.
    Does anyone else look at "" for price searches other than me ? It shows many lower prices than other sites as long as you choose "by lowest price".
  • Ya think purchasing NIB on ebay would be alright? Thats where i purchased my one xl 3 years ago, it was a refurb, and i never had any problems with it.
  • Never bought from Ebay yet !! I think if the prices I quoted are too high for you, wait until the next sale. Keep checking the price search engines. There might be one any day. There will definitely be a GPS sale for Father's Day if you can wait. A working 540 is worth the wait unless you want to go $100-200+ higher for the new Garmin.
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