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Motonav Tip of the Day

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blueTOOTH has offered up some Tips for Motonav users.

Tip of the Day:

***This requires you to delete your save folder so, back it up first so you can replace the contact, trip, route after reboot****

On your phone, under bluetooth settings should be an option for the naming of your device (usually preset as the phone's model number). This can be changed to whatever you want. Let's say for example you name your phone "Your Wife"

When you restart your motonav it will ask you to pair your phone. (this is the reason for deleting the save folder as it will otherwise autoconnect with the old saved phone name) It will find the new name and set up the pairing. Everytime you now boot up (as in example) it will now say "Your Wife is now connected". :lol: Or "Connection with Your Wife has been lost!" :lol:

To turn off items on the nav screen...look in the navigatetomap.ui for the call for the .bmp that you want to remove. Most lines will start (if you can push it) as <BUTTON. If you use the ipie SW (freeware to convert compressed .bmps) you can view the 800 bmp graphic elements in the 854_358 folder. Find the one you want to remove and (in the navigatetomap.ui) search for the line that calls the display of the .bmp. Put a ; in front of the line....and it's gone...but, you will also lose the function.
Tip of the Day:
Simulation speed speed up add this to sys.txt


default is 1.0 as you increase does your speed in simulation (anyone for 150mph down city streets?)
Contributed by mahammel the Camel.

Where, Oh Where, are the default Favorites folders?

  1. and hold a point on the map to create a POI point.

  2. on the "i" icon to 'Go' or make a Favorite. Instead of 'Go', scroll down to 'Make a Favorite'.

  3. the new POI location a Favorite.

  4. on left side map to exit and then cancel ('x' out) of the Explore Map mode and back to Main map screen.

  5. screen to bring up Main Menu

  6. Main Menu (lower right-hand corner of screen) and tap on Favorites button.
    Tap/Select on the new created Favorite.

  7. down (2 down arrows) to Move to Folder button

  8. list of default folders will appear. Select an appropriate one for your new Favorite.

  9. Dining

  10. Family

  11. Personal

  12. Sports


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Tip of the Day: How to change the routing arrow to a custom vehicle. Brought to you by DHL.


    I found a location with a few MDL files. I tried them and they work! I am using a Nissan GTR.

    Download 3D Cars 1.3

    2. Extract the files you want from the folder 3DCars.

    3. Add the MDL & TEX files of the model that you want into the zip on the GPS folder Motonav/Content/Car/
    **Note** Do not remove or replace the motocar.mdl/tex/spr files. Just add the new car files to

    4. Update the info.ini file in the where it says "motocar.mdl" with the name of the .mdl that you are using.

    ----- DHL -----

    You can scourer the following forums for more cars!
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