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GO930 battery change - internals different from tutorial

Rick 0 Points
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Ordered a new battery for my G0 930 and removed screen per video tutorial on the Web. Rather than seeing the PC board with the 4 screws as shown, I am looking at a black metal (plastic??) plate with rubber gaskets on the vertical margins. There is only one screw showing which is located in the lower left quadrant, otherwise nothing! Can anyone help? Obviously don't want to destroy the unit. Thanks!


  • dhn 336 Points
    Welcome to

    Member mikealder is a battery replacement guru and I'm pretty sure he has encountered situations from people with this different configuration of the battery on that model.

    I'll try to draw his attention to this thread so check back within about 24 hours or so.
  • Rick 0 Points
    Many thanks. Will keep looking.
  • I have only seen these 930 units with the extra plastic shield inside on photographs, the last chap gave up trying to get in to it, from some of the pictures it would appear to be either rivitted in place with plastic expanding plugs or welded in place.

    Sorry I can't be much help in this instance but without actually taking a unit to bits that has the extra shield its very difficult to do anymore than guess - Mike
  • Rick 0 Points
    Appreciate your feedback. Guess I'll start looking for a reputable shop to change out the battery.
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