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Tom Tom a big dissapointment

Albinoni 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
Almost or bit over a year ago I bought a new Tom Tom GO 730 GPS unit for my car. I purposely choose Tom Tom due to their good reviews and most of all I quite like the way their maps were laid on on the screen etc (personal prefernce), any how after I bought the unit/lemon the saga started.

1. 3 months or bit after the screen went a bit funny, flickering slightly, so I sent it
in for under warranty repairs, fault caused by loose wire, it was fixed and sent
back to me, great worked again.

2. 4 Months later screen again flickering, this time worse, it went black and could
only see the display very vaguely or bugger all, but it was there and very very dim
, sent it back again under warranty repaired, this time faulty LCd screen, repaired
and replaced with new one under warranty again.

3. Now 2 monstha after my warranty has expired, guess what, touch screen does\
not work, will not at all repsond to the finger or simpply put it, its totally locked
up. Once again I sent it in (yep 3rd time now) to get a quote re this issue, and
got an email back from the technician saying not worth repairing, logic board
is completely unservicable and faulty, I would suggest buying a new GPS unit
would be cheaper option than to get a new board fitted into this unit, the
time you pay for the board plus labour and postage on top of this, it will all
add up and the cost might be more than a new unit.

To say the least I am very very dissapointed with Tom Tom and their or this product, it has been nothing but a lemon from day 1.

I am also planning to write Tom Tom Australia (management) a letter explaining my dissapointment and the Q now is, will I ever buy another Tom Tom is yet to be desired.


  • CynicX 0 Points
    Did you try explaining the situation. This larger companies like TomTom I've always felt a bit hopeless with customer support when it comes to "Well, this guy has had a lot of problems" but to my experience with other companies I've always been surprised.

    Case in point, I bought a high end Intel motherboard from, had problems with it. They sent it back saying the pins where damaged "BY ME" on the CPU socket. I got it back and they were.....I dont remember me doing this but I honestly could not say for sure maybe I did damage them...I dont know. Argued with them forever to no avail. Contacted Intel for repairing it (I'd have given up at this point). They sent me a new Motherboard with little question asked. I never got irrate in this entire situation....

    Long story longer. I would calmly send some emails arounds to different Tomtom emails explaining your situation. If all else fails go with a Garmin.. :)

    My old TT ran like a top. No problems. It wasnt until I got a Garmin until I realized how accurate a GPS could be... :) And anytime you lose a customer its bad, lose one to the competition and its even worse...
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