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NAVIGON 70 Plus Europe 23 and a 16GB SD card?

D44N 0 Points
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Hi there guys,

I just got my NAVIGON 70 Plus Europe 23 in by mail, and i've been considering buying a 16GB SDHC-card.
I couldn't find any information about a cap that the NAVIGON 70 Plus Europe 23 can handle, but maybe anyone could answer it here.
So my questions:
-Does my NAVIGON 70 Plus Europe 23 have a cap when it comes to "being able to handle an xGB amount of SDHC space"?
-Will a 16GB SDHC work in my: NAVIGON 70 Plus Europe 23?
-Does it matter what brand of SDHC?

Thanks in advance.

Dear regards,


  • Hello,

    I just got a 70 Plus Europe 43 (or PL70) ..... I can't answer your question, but am curious as to what you are going to use all that memory for????
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