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Display Favorites when driving by?

I have a 1490. I was wondering if my Garmin suppose to display my favorites names while I drive by them on my route to somewhere else?


  • Boyd 1800 Points
    "Supposed to" is a subjective thing.... :?

    The 1300 and 1400 series do not display the names of your favorites on the map, only their icons. I believe the 705 series is also like this. Pretty much all other models of the Nuvi will show both the names and icons.

    Unfortunately, there are not settings that control this, it's hardwired into the programming.
  • sussamb 685 Points
    Best you get on the 13xx and 14xx nuvis is that if you tap the screen while driving by so that you enter browse mode you can then tap the icon and get the name. I try to choose icons for my favourites that show up on the map, the default is a small black square that is easily missed.
  • ronsspas 0 Points
    Thanks for the response.... Well it's an other feature on my list to look for when I upgrade to my my next GPS
  • Boyd 1800 Points
    The newest series - 2300, 2400 and 3700 show both the icon and name. Haney's Mill, Buttermilk falls, Mine Rd and Walpack Inn are all favorites showing on the screen of my 3790 while driving. Notice how the size of the label gets smaller as they recede into the distance also.

  • gatorguy 224 Points
    As does the 1695. 8)
  • ronsspas 0 Points
    That looks great. I like that feature.
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