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Region File

Can someone explain please what a region file is. I've downloaded one for the Nuvi 1300/1400 series because I have a sound problem after a software upgrade but the name suggests that I may need the right one. Is a region file cammon to all Garmin gps regardless of where you live? Just as important, what will it update if I install it? I want to get back to software version 4.3 from 5.1. Thanks for any help. :roll:


  • sussamb 764 Points
    Reverting to a previous FW may not solve the problem and could introduce others.

    As for what a region file will install it depends on which one you've chosen, can you post a link here? I'm also not sure why you'd want to go back to 4.30, there are a number of other versions between then and 5.1.
  • bobo25 0 Points
    I just kew It wasn't going to be a simple answer. I found a refernce somewhere on my Nuvi 1390 to v4.3 as I had no idea what FW I had prior to updating to v5.1 I assumed (for no logical reason at all) that I may have had v4.3 and that had worked well. The link is below.

    I haven't checked the other updates but they frequently refer to other countries and therefore are of little interest to me.

    I think you've tried to help me this problem already and everything we tried had no effect.
  • sussamb 764 Points
    The link you posted is for FW Version 4.0. If you want to try reverting I'd suggest go back to 5.0, my 1310 and 1490 have no sound problems with that, and I've not upgraded to 5.1 as there seemed to be little there of importance. For 5.0 go to:

    Download the file, then rename it GUPDATE.GCD and copy it into your .system folder, then power cycle your nuvi. Good luck!
  • ddabcd277 47 Points
    As sussamb wrote reverting to a previous firmware could introduce other problems. I remember there was a Bluetooth problem with the 760 series when reverting to older firmware. So my advice is to flash the latest regional firmware (current version 510) I gave link in this topic:;start=50

    Follow the steps and delete before that the file GUPDATE.GCD from the folder x:/Garmin/.System:

    Ok, here is the story...Garmin devices (those who are not linux based) use binary firmwares to work. Derivative of the RTOS operating systems. Each device has its own firmware. You can't install (flash) firmwares of other devices but only the one specific for the device. There are two formats afaik of the Garmin firmwares:

    1. Type one is in the form of .GCD. Such firmware can be downloaded via WebUpdater from the international site of Garmin. This firmware after that is loaded in the internal memory of the unit in the form of a file GUPDATE.GCD. When the device is turned on it checks the file GUPDATE.GCD and if it is newer version than the current installed it saves the newer parts in the ROM memory.

    2. Type two is in the form of .RGN (regional firmware) Same firmware but in different format. This firmware is supposed to flash directly the ROM memory. This can be made again through the programs WebUpdater or easier Updater.exe. To flash this firmware the device first should be put in Boot mode. Similar to smartphones.

    If someone knows more about the Garmin firmwares I will be happy to read. :)

    About the problem. I have a feeling something went wrong when you installed the latest firmware and this is causing the problem with the loudspeaker. Reinstalling could fix the problem.

    Hope the information was helpful.

    P.P.:Sussamb wrote his comment before mine. If you want try first his suggestion to revert to version 5.00.

  • bobo25 0 Points
    Thanks to you both. I did revert to v5 and this made no difference so I reverted to v4 but unfortunately the problem remains. Something went terribly wrong during the update to v5.1. Just as a matter of interest, if you press in the top right hand corner of the main screen for a few seconds you will know that a number of diagnostics screens become available. Clicking NEXT a few times brings you to the audio diagnostic screen and in the middle of mine are the words 'INCOMPATIBLE AUDIO'. I get the same message no matter what version of FW I have installed. So it goes back to Garmin or I throw this heap away and buy a Tom Tom!!
  • bobo25 0 Points
    Just an update. I cleared the nonvolatile memory as previously advised and I now have my audio back. I will try the same thing with V5 FW and hopefully still have it, if not I'll go back to 4 and never update again. I am indebted to all who helped. Thank you. :lol:
  • sussamb 764 Points
    I think you've just been unlucky. I own 3 garmins and none have gone wrong ... luck of the draw I guess :)
  • ddabcd277 47 Points
    Good devices but bad software deparment :lol: Glad we helped. :) Hope you manage and with FW 5.1. Don't forget to delete and the file mlg_history.db from the SQLite folder as sussamb suggested.

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