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Is there one that does what Nuvi does, Plus...

cjhinpa 0 Points
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I am looking for a unit which has the functionality of the NUVI 660 but which also can accomodate additional map data to support topographic detail for off roadway use.

I have read that the Nuvi is not considered a robust enough unit for use in a rough outdoor environment. It is just that the form factor and size of the Nuvi is right on the money for use both on foot and in the car. I would also like the unit to address some of the Nuvi Nav "issues" (more than one via, previosu trip history, better route planning) that I have read about. Yes, I'd still like to have the Bluetooth, entertainment, traffic and mutli-media functionality too. A real "do-it-all" unit.

I realize there may not be such a device on the market yet, but just in case, and since I am still in the research mode, I thought I'd solicit opinions and insights here.




  • Tim 1482 Points
    Here is something you might want to consider. The Magellan RoadMate 2200T is capable of loading topo maps onto the device. Last I checked the maps were not available for sale quite yet, but should be soon.

    That combination of GPS and maps is basically what you would also get by purchasing the Magellan Crossover GPS. That product (when available) will have both auto maps as well as topo maps.

    Both of those devices are designed for an outdoor environment in addition to the auto/road navigation. They also feature multiple "vias".
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