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Motonav TN765 at

Spyder63 331 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
After looking at the pricing for the TN765 at there seems to be two different TN765s offered. It appears (to me) that the TN765 for sale at $129 may not have TMC traffic as indicated by the lack of the "t" suffix and no mention in the description. The other TN765t for $249.88 clearly indicates it has Traffic.

I read over all the customer reviews for the cheaper one and none mention having traffic. (Amusing reading, those reviews...such as, "Through an external system (extra mo. fee) it picks up active radar and also alerts one to a traffic light cameras." :lol:

Anybody buy one of the cheaper $129 ones lately and does it or does it not have TMC traffic? I never heard of a TN765 model without traffic.


  • You are right on the assumption that the TN765 offered at Walmarts for $129 does NOT have the TMC traffic features........BUT, the difference between the TN765 and the TN765T lies exclusively with the cradle that is shipped with the TN765, that is the ONLY difference between the two units.
    Now, if you use your TN765 in a TN765T cradle, THEN, you have the TMC traffic available at all times, with a lifetime subsription.
    The cradles are the ONLY difference between the two units. Every other aspect of the PND`s themselves, are identical.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Thanks for enlightening info, moondog. Velly inturesting! Good to know if looking for a replacement cradle or really want traffic feature in a new unit purchase. Seems the price of the "original t" model is holding its price better than some assumed.
  • Your welcome......Yes, for some people, not needing the traffic feature, the unit offered at Walmarts really is a good price. I almost mentioned that to the new user on the other forum last night,(the one who accidently broke thier power pin on thier cradle) but since his/her unit is under warrantry, MOTO IS responsible to replacing thier cradle, IMHO......
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    I'm inclined to think that Motorola is not obligated to replace his cradle under warranty since it was "user error". OTOH, many companies will do a "good will" replacement so it will be interesting to see how it works out for him/her. Does Motonav division have a heart, so to speak. Did you see the link I posted to Euro site indicating they may have available stock on the Alternate Car Kit? No way that I saw on how to acquire one though. Is Moto doing better in the European market and still active there, I wonder? I did see that the link to Support forums takes one back to the one we know (and love????) :roll:
  • Yes, I did explore the link you`re referring too, briefly. I`ll look more in depth a little later on as I have to leave here shortly, and "yes", I did see that the link there, to the support forums, DID bring us right back to where we are all familiar with.
    Also, I DID inquire about why the TA105 alternate car kit was suddenly taken off of thier accessory list of items, and also asked if it MAY be back, this is the response I got back from one of the "higher ups" at Motorola..quote....."I don`t know any details, but at first glance, and total speculation, Apple probably doesn`t want us to have something on the market with this kind of connectivity. I wouldn`t expect it to return to market, if this assumption is correct. Great question though, and I would agree tht it would be a great accessory" end of quote..........
    So........we are all left in the dark, again, about what the future holds for all us users. I also asked, and got more repsonses to other critical questions about the immediate future of our product, and fortunately, thier answers were of the positive nature to me. Are they just saying this to "bide thier time"? One never knows at this point in time......
    The most irking thing to me right now, is that since last November, I`ve inquired several times about the avialablity to purchase newer maps, and even tho I state that SOMEONE THERE has to know something about this matter, is that I can`t seem to get anywhere with them, on even trying to find out a possible, release date of newer maps. I`m trying every week tho on this matter.........
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Thanks for your persistence with Motorola. If we could at least only get some means of a map update I think most users would be happy campers as it does what it does well enough.

    The Alternate Car Kit I was referring to that was advertised/sold (now listed as out of stock) by Amazon seemed to be a "subset" or component of the ProInstall TA105. I see BT has a post about it not being "vaporware" and I did see some reference to it on the Euro site as seemingly being available over there somewhere. :?:

    So, Apple dictates to Motorola? Well, OK.....just yesterday my broker gave me some reports that my Apple stock cumulative appreciation has been 6,166.0% since I bought it back in 1985! StevieJ can do whatever he wants to do! :lol:
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Also noticed that the TN765t at Amazon is currently $135.99. So for seven bucks more you can have traffic over the WallyWorld non-traffic version at $129 vs. Wally's "upgrade" TN765t for $249.88.
  • ksavage68 0 Points
    I just got the TN765 without traffic (wouldnt work in my area anyway) for 98.00 plus 3.00 shipping at the site, and it arrived the very next afternoon. I love it so far, and you cant beat the price. Just a heads up...

  • Spyder63 331 Points
    That has been their price for over a month or more and probably the cheapest around. If you ever want traffic all you have to do is find a used cradle #SJYN0129A, for future reference, for you and others.

    After you "warm up" to your new toy you may want to explore the skin variations by ramrodsr, thunderlizard, and blueOTOOTH found in this forum.

    The most recent enhancement by BT is brand icons for gas and fast food POIs. Original Moto were very sparse.
  • I just got the TN765 without traffic (wouldnt work in my area anyway) for 98.00 plus 3.00 shipping at the site, and it arrived the very next afternoon. I love it so far, and you cant beat the price. Just a heads up...

    Wow! Great deal! You're gonna love this thing. Especially if your the kind of person who likes to "tweak" things for better performance! ;)
    (check out the skins! Lots of fun!)
  • dhave 0 Points
    At 98 bucks, it's very tempting to get another one of these babies.
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