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Nesse may be out there

blueTOOTH 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
Is this the "never made it to market" car kit?

They claim pro install with radio mute-external mic and calls coming through car speakers! Yes, TA-105

Edit: After (1.5 hours of bull) calling everyone but the CEO at Moto (where everyone is a drone looking at the CPU) I was told (yes, it's available at the moto/store and but in the end, they basically don't know anything about it. Tech support sends you to Sales, Sales sends you to tech support...I think I earned my "Moto-badge" for taking the time out of my life to attempt getting help from them.

Maybe I have to drive my car to UK to get?


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    The item once listed on Amazon as the Alternate Car Kit seems to be a component of the TA-105. Once saw the AC Kit for about $38.00 once upon a time. The TA-105 was maybe $199? Not sure now.

    The UK link which shows the TN760 with the TA-105 translates out to $623.00 US. Ouch!!!

    Both items on Amazon are listed as "Currently Unavailable" For those not familiar with these items:

    Alternate Car Kit:

    TA-105 Vehicle Integration Kit:
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    blueTOOTH said: Maybe I have to drive my car to UK to get?


    Let me get my car out and I'll go with you! :lol:
  • @Spyder
    Nice classic...(your pict)...I actually know someone that has one of these.

    I e-mailed the UK to see if they would ship the pro car kit.....

    Edit Add:
    Got a reply from seems they have the service but can't get the car kit and don't ship outside of UK :cry:
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