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GO 2535M LIVE released

mvl 191 Points
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The GO 2535M LIVE has now been released.

It was on on Wednesday, but sold out in a day.

It is also available starting today in most Best Buy retail locations, and at,, and all list the model, but these online stores are all out of stock.


  • This looks promising.

    VoiceBox is working to alleviate the ‘cognitive load’ for drivers – taking your mind off what you’re doing while driving – a safety concern which received increased attention at the US Department of Transportation’s 2010 Distracted Driver Summit. Both the newly launched GO (GO 2435, GO 2535 and GO LIVE 2535) and VIA Series use VoiceBox technology to bring premium safety-enhancing features that help address increasing distracted driving concerns.

    VoiceBox has partnered with SVOX AG to deliver a better address-entry experience that utilizes SVOX’s speech recognition engine. Now, when using VoiceBox’s Conversational Voice technology, TomTom device users can speak naturally; so instead of speaking an address one step at a time, they can simply say, “Take me to 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Seattle.” The user can speak to the TomTom device with natural number forms like, “thirteen, thirteen” instead of having to translate them into un-natural forms, such as “one-three-one-three”, forced by the limitations of traditional voice recognition technology. With the VoiceBox solution, TomTom device users can quickly and more naturally utilize voice commands, such as entering an address, further helping them keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.
  • mvl 191 Points
    Yes, that appears to be Tomtom's vendor for the "Intuitive Voice Recognition" feature.
  • MVL, Do you have yours yet? I'm wondering if thats as good as they seem to be saying. That would be a huge plus for searches and such while driving.
  • mvl 191 Points
    The 2535 HD traffic is the same as the GO 740 HD traffic.

    But today's HD traffic is much much better than the LIVE traffic from 2010.

    In general, I'd say that 90% of jams on any road are reported within +/- 3 minutes of reality. And 99% are within +/- 5 minutes.

    It's far better than the LIVE traffic of 2010, where I'd say only 75% of jams on covered roads were +/- 5 minutes. And many many roads were not covered.

    The 2535 UI is slow like app 9.x on the GO740. Not fast like app 8.x was. And the 2535 is missing features like the remote control, itinerary planning, light sensor, and compass.

    But on the good side, the Intuitive Voice Recognition is very good, I actually speak all my addresses now instead of typing them. It also adds "find the nearest " which is helpful in unfamiliar areas, but "nearest" (while accurate) isn't always where I want to go in my hometown. Also, they added "you have reached your destination on your right".

    A very good sign is that it's been extremely reliable. The device doesn't have the startup reboot of all prior LIVE models, the traffic doesn't need the buddies fix, and the bluetooth doesn't die after a couple of days.

    I hope it stays that way, most other GO models were reliable at release, but future software updates turned them into crap. The GO 2405/2505 already had bluetooth calls broken in their first software update. The big risk of the go2535 is that you can't downgrade the software if Tomtom releases a crap update in the future.

    Of course it uses MyTomtom, which never really bothered me as I don't use custom voices, foreign maps, etc. And it comes with map 865 so I don't have to deal with updating maps (yet). I would like to put a startup pic of my family, but I'm OK waiting.

    The GO2535LIVE is clearly superior to the GO740LIVE with app 9.x. But since I run my GO740 LIVE on app 8.312, it is more of a toss up. Some days I like the GO740's fast UI, some times I like the GO2535's expanded feature set.
  • Can you perform a Google search or just a POI search when you say 'find a ---?

    When you are on the highway its not easy to do a manual search actually dangerous so that is a big plus one way or the other.

    Is the menu customizable? I remember that was supposed to be on the 1000 series but we didn't get that.

    You should right a full review you know gps in and outs better than 99% so it would have a lot of weight.
  • MVL have you asked about the subscription cost on the 740? Are they dropping that to $60 a year?
  • mvl 191 Points
    No word on LIVE costs. My guess is Tomtom will make a call on that based on market conditions, close to when the the 12 months free period runs out.

    The voice recognition doesn't have integration with Google POI. But it does have the full POI set on the newer USA/Can/Mex maps so I don't need to go to Google POI as much as I used to on the 740. (however the 740 fixed that on map 865 too)

    The address part of the voice recognition is where the real convenience comes in. Speaking a single complete address is much much easier than typing in every last piece.

    The POI interface only has "nearest ". Very useful for a vacation where I just want to go to any branch of a known national brand name. Not as useful in my hometown, where I'd like to say "go to the Dunkin Donuts on 6th and Main" (since that's the one with a drive through).

    Still, this is much better than prior Tomtoms. The earlier model Tomtom voice reco was "gimmicky", you stopped using it after 3-4 tries as it wasn't very efficient. The new voice reco is actually something I'd actually prefer to use whenever driving to an address.

    Really, there's not much more to say in a review. I haven't used any other brand so my only point of comparison is other Tomtom models.

    In general, the big big draw over the 740 is that the LIVE services are reliable. They still have big deadzones during rush hour (just like the NuLink 1695) since AT&T shuts off the 2G network when overcapacity on 3G. But the software itself doesn't crash like the 740 used to.

    What I miss vs the 740: #1 is the speed of app 8.312, #2 is the day/night sensor, #3 is itinerary planning, and #4 is the remote.

    I'm still hoping Tomtom releases an XNV LIVE in the USA, that would really be my dream device, especially if they could pack 3G and add Pandora to the Sony. I've said a million times that I hate having to lug around a PND everywhere I go.
  • mvl 191 Points
    I just saw an article on quoting "a Tomtom spokeswoman". Tomtom is saying the LIVE price will be $59.95/year once the trial period expires.
  • This got a good review on BestBuy already. Whats up with Amazon its still showing 'not released yet'?

    Yesterday it showed in stock at 3 local BestBuys and today they are gone thats a good sign - more probes. $60 a year is decent. Will they drop the 740 also do you think?
  • gatorguy 326 Points
    The 740 is gone from TomTom's plans. There's very little remaining stock for sale as I understand it.
  • This got a good review on BestBuy already. Whats up with Amazon its still showing 'not released yet'?

    Yesterday it showed in stock at 3 local BestBuys and today they are gone thats a good sign - more probes. $60 a year is decent. Will they drop the 740 also do you think?
    As of two days ago, one of the Best Buys near me had received 2, but they were still locked up in an equipment cage and hadn't been put on display yet. I talked the salesman into opening one to let me try it out - and I wound up taking it home. As of today, another Best Buy near me finally had one on display, and a couple in the locked display case.

    Had mine on a few test drives - nothing more than a few miles yet, but it's very promising so far. Sadly, Best Buy is charging list price - but at least I have 30 days to try it out and return it -- no restocking fee.

    I wasn't able to find a case from TomTom that looked appropriately slender -- but I DID find a Garmin 1490T case - leather, flap with magnetic closure. When it's open, the device is secured, but the screen is accessible. It's a tiny big snug on the 2535, but seems like a pretty much perfect fit overall. Only "problem" is that there's a Garmin logo on the outside...

    One other point: I picked up the new weighted dashboard mount (smooth surface instead of ballistic nylon) -- works great and lets me move it out of sight when I get out of the car. But I leave the cable connected to the base and plugged in -- and would really like a second cable that I can leave plugged into my PC -- more convenient than switching the cable from car to PC.

    More testing to come. I have a couple of 150 mile round trips coming up this week in different cities, with various parts of the trips in rush hour - a good test of Live traffic services.
  • mvl 191 Points
    I've found the 5" speck cases at target to fit well.

    And separately,Tomtom confirmed the $59.95 price for 2535 LIVE renewal. But they said other device renewal prices are still TBD.
  • Great about the $60/year subscription - that's a keeper for me.

    Also really have gotten to like the Garmin leather case for the 2535. It's loosened up a tiny bit, and fits the 2535 like a glove. Fuzzy velvet interior, soft leather exterior, magnetically secured flap - and when it's open, it's great to be able to operate the device hand held even though it's still secured and protected by the case. Except for not having the plug cutout in the right place, it's as if the case were designed for the 2535 series. Highly recommended.
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