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HK 810 NA GPS 3 years review

Just wanted to follow up on this thing.

I bought it over 3 years ago and STILL use it surprisingly.

1. The maps are out of date yes, but most major roads/routes are still useable.
2. The Bluetooth function dies randomly after the update so I do not update.
3. Only used Bluetooth function twice in the 3 years i've had this 810.
4. BATTERY IS DEAD. It charges fully in 2 hours, and drains in 15 seconds.
5. No map updates :( , no support, no unlocking, no hacking tools.

1.Awesome as an auxiliary input into car as an MP3 Player.
2.8/16GB SDHC card support for MANY mp3's ;)
3.Was able to watch videos on it a few times.
4.Interface easy to use, and music browser is neat and efficient.
5.Wireless remote control

The 320$ I paid for it 3 years ago was steep and had I known they would discontinue it and stop support for newer maps I would have probably not bought it. The battery sucks but since its only used inside the car its useless anyway. In the end I got a slick looking MP3 Player hardwired into my car's audio system albeit an expensive one. It also has outdated maps which are useable for major routes and roads so it still has functionality to some level.

HK makes awesome audio equipment, its a pity they couldn't be more persistent and update their product.

It looks great, it is durable (minus the battery) and is a neat little MP3 Player with wireless remote control.

After 3 years I give this product 5/10 rating.
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