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Mio C230, question o the unit and mio units [Mio]

Well, I was initially debating between the ONE LE and the the Magellan 3100 until I came across the C230 for practically what I paid for the 3100. (I have both the LE and 3100 with me- I'm deciding which of the units to return.)

Anyways, I love the TTS function esp when living in Los Angeles but I have a few questions..

1. Does the C230 have point A to point B function (like the TomTom)? By that I mean, capability to look up directions outside of your current position. I read on here ( that the C220 could. I'm assuming the C230 will be able to aswell but when I went to BB to play with the unit I couldn't find the option. Could somebody confirm this?

2. About how much is it to update a map by Mio? if it goes by state, how much a state?

3. Is it possible to add/edit the POIs?

4. Is it possible to use an sd card for extra entries to your favorites and saved addresses? or possibily your POIs?

5. Is it possibile to change the voice of unit?

Also, do any of you who have the C230 or any other mio product and live in urban or city area, particularly in Los Angeles, have problems with traveling short distances with the mio? I read reviews on amazon by those who live in Los Angeles the route calculations could get very inaccurate and awkward putting you on unecessary roads/streets.

Anyways, the unit overall sounds pretty good, esp with the tts function and if it has the A-B capability. I appreciate any answers you could give me, I may be sold on this depending.



  • Since no one has replied I'll give it a shot.

    1. Yes. You have to disable route auto-recalculation first so it's not trying to route from your current position. From Address, enter the state/city/address of your starting point (A) and choose Start at the bottom of the screen (making it your starting point), then go back to Address, enter your destination (point B) and press Route To. The c230 will calculate the route between A & B, which you can view using Fit to Screen.

    2. Mio currently has no map updates for the c230. All they could tell me is when updates become available to them, they'll be made available to us. I was also told there will be $ involved but couldn't give me a price since there's nothing available yet.

    3. I haven't found a way to edit or add to the current preloaded POIs. But you can add custom POIs to the MY POI folder and create subfolders.

    4. This one I don't know about. However, there's a great Mio forum at where you can probably get some good answers and help. This would apply to question #3 as well.

    5. Yes...but not the TTS voice. The only available TTS voice is American "Samantha". Go to the Language settings and you'll find a male and female British voice (no TTS), as well as many other languages.

    In answer to your last question, I don't live in a large urban area but have used the c230 in large cities with no problems going short distances within the cities. The c230 has a Fit to Screen feature where you can see the whole route, and whether or not that particular routing will take you out of the way, use unnecessary streets, etc. You can quickly zoom in and drag the map with your finger to check certain portions of the route. You can also check the text directions. If it doesn't look right, try another routing method. The c230 also has an Avoid feature that allows you to avoid specific roads or maneuvers. So there's a lot of control and it's always a good idea to check the route visually using Fit to Screen before simply turning any GPS loose on its own with no real input other than entering a destination. Users need to take on some responsibility with what's being input, as well as compare the GPS routing to a good paper map before heading out. You can read all the reviews in the world but the best way to find out if you'll like a product or not is to try it yourself and give it plenty of time to assess the positives and negatives.

    I've had my c230 for a couple months and it's great. I'm finding more features than I had any idea it provides, and it's been very accurate and reliable because I've educated myself on its features and use those features to my advantage.
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