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new 310 arrived

Lumix TS2 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Handheld Forum
just got the new 310. the base map is pretty extensive as far as roads go. it has roads on it that are mostly 4 wheeler trails, excellent. the problem is theres no waterways (lakes, brooks, streams or even rivers) great if you drive to your lakes but hiking is impossible.
unless you live in the states there is no detailed topo maps available until May.

i have found a solution - any lake you want outline it as a route on google earth and save (KLM in a folder) then load it into vantage point (free download). from there load it into your explorist (gpx), make sure you have downloaded your base map from the new explorer in vantage point.

i downloaded a bunch of lakes and trails into them, the outline of the lakes and the paths have the same lines (not attached) but if you can't tell the difference you should not be in the woods away from main roads anyway.

great GPS but my only issue is i'm 6.0' 175 lbs (average size) but i have kinda fat fingers. the toggle is sometimes hard to work. i keep pushing it in when i mean to go left or right. had the same problem with the old 400 but not near as much. the 510, 610, 710 are touchscreen but thats even worse because my hands get dirty fishing.

by the way the 310 is in Philadelphia Flyer hunter orange, that's a bonus!
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