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I have installed uk and Eire maps on my Garmin and then installed most of Europe on an SD card. I kept getting a message about not enough memory when trying to plan longer routes so I purchased a 4gbt card instead and transferred all the data from my old 2gbt card onto it. I still have the same memory problems.

I thought a way round this would be to put all of Europe on the SD card but when I go into Garmin maps and try to download them, it will only recognise the unit and not the card. Obviously I could save them to the PC and use MapInstall to put them onto the card but that does not get rid of the maps on the unit. In order to create space how can I get all the maps off the unit so that I rely on the SD card for maps and create extra space on the unit?

Obviously increasing the size of the SD card has not created extra useable memory for the unit to use in calculation and it cant use the external space for that purpose.


  • popej 57 Points
    If a program on your PC reported error like "not enough memory", would you buy bigger HDD? ;)

    This is not about SD memory but internal RAM in your nuvi. You can't increase its size. You can clear all user data, which will release a bit memory. Or simply create routes no longer than you can drive in a single day ;)
    If you need longer route, divide it into parts.

    Edit: one note, you can get sometimes "not enough memory" if there is no route to your destination, like when you need to cross a sea and have ferries disabled or when you use multiple maps which aren't compatible and nuvi can't find connection between them.
  • gullrock 81 Points
    Thanks for that input. I come back to my original question, how do I get all the maps onto the SD card, delete the internal unit maps, and free up RAM in the process?
  • popej 57 Points
    Once again - you can't. Moving maps on SD or internal flash doesn't free any RAM.
  • gullrock 81 Points
    OK - so no advantage even loading the smallest map area onto the unit and everything else onto SD card then. Not really ready to ditch the Nuvi 250 yet but maybe in the future another model might have more RAM?
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