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Navigon 7100 maps

Flacalling 0 Points
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I bought the Navigon 7100 yrs ago out of the box and I had nothing about Freshmaps. I registered online and never saw any updates or option to buy a Freshmaps package. It always told me not available to my unit. I even contacted service a number of times over the yrs. Never go replies except 1.

Problem is I just contacted them now and was told no longer selling Freshmaps for my unit. Sorry. Does anyone have an uptodate map with a way I can update my map from years ago (1.2) that they can send me on internet that I can load onto my computer some way????

Not very computer literate. Please help. :( :( :(


  • Tim 1482 Points
    The reason they didn't offer map updates for you was because they had exited the GPS market in the USA before you purchased the GPS. So they were no longer selling accessories (like maps) at that time.

    Maps are licensed and locked to the GPS they were purchased for, so you're really out of luck getting an update. Some people had been able to purchase map update accessories from retailers that still had old stock available in their inventory, but those have mostly dried up and I haven't seen any for sale in some time. But even in that case the cost of the map update would likely exceed the value of your older GPS. I'd save the money you were thinking of putting towards a map update and put it towards the cost of a new GPS... the two prices might not be that different.
  • I got email from them telling me they left the us market, I was just wishing some one maybe had saved one on their computer that they downloaded that they could send me. Thanks anyway.
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