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Assistance on upgrade to new map.

thundercraft 91 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum

Have not posted for some time however I have always found this forum to be very helpful and I need to ask a few questions in regards to upgrading my TT920.

I am currently operating with App: 8.393 and map 720.1803 NA.

I would like to upgrade my map. I am not in any need to upgrade every quarter and about once every three/four years is perfect.

The latest map is 825? Is this correct?

If I upgrade to this map with the App I am running will that give me lane guidance etc.?

Also could someone check the following for me that has the latest version of the NA map? I am located in Sault Ste Marie, Ont Canada and I would like to know if the following are on the new map?

---Carmen's Way
---Hyw 17 East to Sudbury has now been upgraded to four lanes. Does this show on the new map?

If I should upgrade do I have to have my GPS plugged into my computer during download or can I download and then install later?

Thanking you in advance.


  • dhn 336 Points
    For whatever reason, you have the wrong application on your 920. That application is meant for the TomTom Work models and maps not available in North America, only in Europe.

    The latest map is 865, not 825 and 870 is due within about 3 weeks.

    If you check, it'll be using the same 865 mapping as available on tomtom units.

    I would:
    1. Make an Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents. Then delete all the loose files in the root of the unit. NO folders or their contents.

    2. Connect to Home and you should be offered application 8.351. Accept it, install it and then disconnect properly from Home using the Device Disconnect icon.

    3. Next, if you want to purchase a map, you need to decide whether to get 865 now or 870 in a month from now.

    App 8.351 and map 865 gives Advanced Lane guidance (so did 860, 855 and 850 before it).

    Yes, you need the unit connected to download the map with Navcore 8X applications.
  • dhn,

    Thanks for the reply however I am not sure what you mean by "loose files in the root of the unit"?

    After I make the backup of the unit in it's current state then I should delete all of the files that are not in a folder on the unit itself? Should I use Explorer to do this or Home?

    Once done I should connect to "Home" and you are saying it should be offering me App:8.351? What if it does not?

  • dhn 336 Points
    Yes, loose files are those not in any folder. Use Explorer to delete them.

    As mentioned, when Home detects an application is missing from the unit, it offers the appropriate application to download and install. Usually.

    If it doesn't offer 8.351, then we have other ways to get that application to you, directly from TomTom. But try using Home first.

    And if you do get it and install it, remember to use the Device Disconnect icon in Home to disconnect your unit after installation.
  • Okay dhn...Thanks!

    Will give it a shot and let you know what happened. How I got the "Work" application was through "Home". When I plugged my GPS into "Home" to check for upgrades it told me that that that APP should be downloaded?
    If this is something that should not have been downloaded why would they tell you to do so? Can they not specify who should and who should not download that APP?

    Well anyway I will follow your instructions here ans see if I can get back on the right track.

    Thanks Again!! :(
  • dhn 336 Points
    At the best of times, Home 2 is one step from brain dead. Unlike the MyTomTom web app needed for 1X, 2X and Via models. It's already brain dead! :twisted:
  • Hi dhn,

    I am back.

    Okay I followed your instructions and did the following;

    - made a backup of my unit using Windows Explorer making sure that "Hidden files & folders" was checked and "Hide extension for known files" - unchecked.

    - used WE to delete all files on the gps that were not in a folder.

    - opened "HOME" and a box popped up indicating that there was an update for my application. Clicked ok and it indicated that I should be downloading APP 7.480?

    Do I have to download this first and then go back into HOME to update to 8.351?

  • dhn 336 Points
    Yes, I'm afraid so. In fact, after the installation of 7.481, disconnect properly from Home using the device disconnect, shut the unit off and on and connect to Home again.

    You still may not get offered 8.351 straight away but stick with the process unitil you are offered and do install 8.351.

    Shouldn't take more than 1 or 2 more app updates.
  • Okay dhn...thanks!

    Will do the updates until I get current. I will let you know how I make out.

    Thanks again.
  • DHN

    Okay it took about 7 min and three upgrades later I am now on 8.351.

    I checked out the new map and the points I asked about are on the new map 865. Now HOME is telling me that I have 1795.4 mb of free space. The new NA map is 1670 MB. So I should have no trouble in regards to disk space?

    Does the new map overwrite the old or is it necessary to delete the old first?

    DHN "Thank You" very much for your help on this. It is nice to know that people like yourself are available to help when necessary. It means a lot and is very very much appreciated. :wink:
  • dhn 336 Points
    Hey, a fellow Canuck (eh?) :lol:

    You should be fine with the space. Yes, it overwrites.

    Once the map is downloaded and installed, please ensure you make another Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents.
  • Will do...Thanks again!
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