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navigon 7100

chanjet 0 Points
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why should i buy a navigon 7100 instead of a garmin 660?


  • I'd suggest reading the reviews from the main page here

    From what I've read you might choose the Navigon 7100 over the Garmin if you like the lifetime free traffic and you are willing to put up with the fact that the screen interface often requires multiple presses to take (some call this a sensitivity issue but it seems to sense it but just doesn't do anything). Also you'll have fewer POIs.

    I bought a Navigon 2100 and I noticed that the small speaker is difficult to hear at higher speeds (perhaps the 7100 has a larger speaker). Also my 2100 only came with maps of the 48 contiguous states and no Canada but Tim's review of the 7100 says North America so that may be different but you might want to verify if that is an issue with you.

    I also like the look and styling of the Navigon and the graphic display looks very nice though not quite as bright as the Garmin. Some people have a problem with the static interchange screen on the Navigon but I like it and you can turn this off so I don't see that as a problem. The Navigon text to speech is excellent (at lower speeds where you can hear clearly).

    Personally I'm partial to the TomTom units so you might want to look at the TomTom 720. Both TomTom and Garmin are known as leaders in GPS and have great customer service.
  • ooda 0 Points
    Good question, I recently brought the 7100 over the Garmin 660 because I felt I got more bang for my buck. What mainly attracted me to the 7100 was the lane assistant. This feature tells you exactly which lane your suppose to be in, which I think is great!. Also you get a life time subscription to free traffic reporting. It basically has all the features of the 660 with out the other crap like music and photos. Who really needs that on the GPS? Navigon only give you features that are useful for navigation.

    - I think it’s ahead of the game; the others are going to have to catch up!
  • While you're doing this at your own risk. I did read somewhere else about raising the volume on the 2100 6-7 decibels. It is a software adjustment.
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