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Improved Traffic on 3790T- Anyone Else Experiencing This?

So, being the roadgeek that I am, I looked through the traffic listings on my 3790T and came across something very interesting. Normally, the traffic listings would include major interstates, major surface streets, and a few fringe areas depending on signal strength. (To put things in perspective, I live in NW Indiana and get info from as far as Indianapolis on a clear day.) Today, I noticed something a bit different.

Checking the list, not only did I get the regular listings, but I also received traffic issues that were NEVER mentioned on any GPS I owned, including the 1690. For example, I received traffic concerns regarding State Road 49, Broadway (IN-53), a not-so-heavily traveled section of US 20 in Porter County, and even US 6 in Illinois.

Is it just a day-old mistake, or is it an actual effort to improve traffic coverage? Better yet, is anyone else experiencing this? If it is an actual expansion effort, I actually welcome this change.

Thanks for your time.
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