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Restore to a 2nd Motonav TN765T?

davelac 91 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
I really like my TN765T and knowing that I won't be able to get accessories like another mount or car adapter, I bought a 2nd device at Sears again for about 125 bucks. Yeah, I know, sorta dumb, but I was hoping to play with the skins everyone is so excited about and not be concerned if I screw up the device. But here's the question - instead of trying to go online to do updates, can I just do a restore from my backup of my original updated 765 to my new one? With the rumors that you can't get map updates anymore, is this a viable option?


  • blueTOOTH 0 Points
    My guess is that it won't work...but, you can try. The maps are licensed to the ID of the PNA and will most likely cause a crash (no maps found).

    If you are looking to update the skin on your 2nd...just make sure to backup the flash via motoextra tool first (or just drag/drop using usb connection as a media device)...and you can always restore.

    The skins posted here just involve adding and will not affect/harm software. If you are worried about loosing saved info. Just change where the info is stored to the program directory on the flashdisk. This way you can back it up and restore if you run into problems.

    Add to sys.txt

  • mahammel 41 Points
    the very simple answer is "no". you cannot.

    My (negative) Camel
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