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How to enter GPS coordinates

Trying to figure out which format to use and how to enter a negative number - example from B&B listings in Ireland:

53.368400 -6.269650




  • sussamb 764 Points
    Ok, those are decimal lat/long numbers and you don't say which GPS you're trying to enter them into. It varies from device to device so maybe you can tell us what you have?
  • weamish 0 Points
    Oops, sorry, I have a 1490T
  • sussamb 764 Points
    Then it's simple, tap Where To>Coordinates>Format, and select the top format, then enter your coordinates (ignore the -).
  • weamish 0 Points
    Thanks! There are no NSEW directions indicated in the listings, is there some way to tell which directions apply?

  • sussamb 764 Points
    Well if you're in Ireland it'll be N and W :roll: :wink:
  • weamish 0 Points
    Well if you're in Ireland it'll be N and W
    Cool. For us geographically challenged folks, what determines these directions?
  • t923347 413 Points
    The equator would determine N and S.

    Greenwich England for E and W
  • luisr 0 Points
    Coordinates are usually given latitude first then longitude. Positive latitude is North, negative is South. And then positive longitude is East and negative longitude is West. For us folks in the Americas, longitude will allways be negative. For you guys in Western Europe it will depend on where you are relative to the Greenwich Meridian.
  • oldun 0 Points
    With respect to East and West problem. Is it possible to enter them all as positive using a range o 0 to 360 instead of the usual range 0f 180 to -180?

    I know that this is not a useful question, I am just interested in what is possible?
  • sussamb 764 Points
    Well most things are possible :)

    You could enter it that way but no one would understand you as convention dictates that longitude is measured from a line that runs through the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, with the range running from 0 to 180E and 180W, with 180W and 180E being the same line.
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