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XL 340 vs. XL350

davids331 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
My Go 920 just died and I am torn between buying a map update for my Go 720 at $60, or spend twice that for a new lifetime map update XL 340 or XL 350.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom that might influence me, one way or the other?

On the XL 340 or XL 350, is it possible to flip the display over and use the mount like a stand, like you can on the VIA 1405?

I thought about a VIA, but I don't really want a bigger device.

Thanks everyone...


  • dhn 336 Points
    Go to this link:

    and get a comparison spreadsheet of all TT models including the 340 and the 350.

    You cannot rotate the screen on either model to portrait the way you can with a Via.
  • davids331 0 Points
    That interesting, cause in one of the ads for a dashboard sandbag mount, it says that it is displayed in the picture with an XL 340. There would be no way to get it oriented to work on one of those mounts unless you can rotate the screen, no?
  • dhn 336 Points
    Some cables are a right angle connector so they just make it.

    On the other hand, there are dash mats sold with an empty space on part of the perimeter to accomodate the straight down connectors.
  • davids331 0 Points
    Can I use the right angle connector from my GO 920?

    When I mentioned the display rotation, I was referring to the fact that the window mount would need to flip up for mounting to a windshield, but would need to flip down in order to attached to a sandbag dash mount. I might not have been clear in that regard.
  • dhn 336 Points
    The connector will work, yes.

    There are also a variety of mounts available here:
  • davids331 0 Points
    I found that out. I picked up a 340 today, however, I have having issues updating it without errors, so it may be going back, unless I get a resolution from TomTom by tomorrow.

    I see that the whole ring swivels, which would accommodate both mounting positions, as you have pointed out. Too bad updates don't post as nicely...

    Thank you
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