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Split Screen Junction View or Full Screen (Landscape) - 3790

Had various issues with the Junction View working on 3790 on firmware 4.10 and Garmin sent me a new JCV file for the 2011.40 Europe Map (D2152010A - 436MB). I was amazed to find that this worked and in both Landscape and Portrait but in each case it was split screen.

I tried another JCV file of another 3790 and the file this time was bigger (681MB) and called D2504030A.JCV. This time it works in full screen for Landscape and split screen for Portrait. Much better

I am not sure of the difference or what the names of the files mean but hey it
works and with the new firmware! Would be nice to have a option for split
screen when in landscape mode but that would be asking too much!


  • t923347 414 Points
    I like the split screen in Landscape mode better than the full screen so as always, you can't please all the people all the time :D

    Any way I had the same experience as you did but using the NA maps. The file Garmin sent me is smaller than the original one that came with 2011.40 and I think the reason for that is that the actual view pictures are smaller than they were in previous JCV files. They are smaller because in both Landscape and Portrait mode they only have to be displayed on half the map screen. Prior to firmware 4.10 the Landscape view picture was larger as they needed to fill the whole screen.

    You can actually see the difference that those smaller pictures make if you install version 4.00 of the firmware, which doesn't support the split screen view. If you use the new JCV file you got from Garmin with this older software you'll see that in Landscape mode the JV picture will display on the whole screen but it's stretched and out of focus as it's a smaller picture that's stretched to fill the screen. Reinstall 4.10 and the same picture, appearing on only half the screen is very sharp and easy to read.
  • lestat 0 Points
    I’m looking forward to the split screen in landscape mode. I hope it works for me on the next map update.
  • t923347 414 Points
    You can have them now if you are running firmware 4.10 on your 3790 along with map version 2011.40. Just download the updated JCV file at:

    In the JCV folder on the 3790 which you'll find inside the .system folder, rename the JCV file that's there to have a file extension of OLD. Now put the downloaded file into the JCV folder. Reboot the Nuvi and you should have split screen Junction Views in both Landscape and Portrait modes.

    Beware that firmware 4.10 broke part of the Junction view function so only the first available one on a selected route will appear on the 3790's map screen. To see all the Junction Views on your route, tap the green bar at the top of the map screen to get to the 'list of turns'. Select the first turn and then scroll through all of them. Each junction view will display in a split screen in that mode.
  • lestat 0 Points
    This is exciting. I hope Garmin gets this right with the new map update. I enjoy the split screen very much. Thank you for sharing the JCV file.
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