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BIG Oops & Error Message

LostinPA 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
Ok, I got a new TomTom XL335 today, because we live in the backwoods of nowhere PA.
1st mistake, updating right away, and after I THOUGHT that I'd backed up the map....I deleted it (I didn't so that's an issue)

2nd, now that I've got the new map ready to install, I'm getting "this" error message. {There is not enough space for temporary files on drive C:\. Please use Disk Clean up in Windows Explorer to delete temporary files and then run installation again.}

Now I ONLY have .99 free space, I have an Asus Eee900 series with an 8g SSHD, it's not possible to free up anymore space. Tech support via the phone was no help, after telling me to use my external HD, then telling me it's not possible to use the external HD for this. As of right now, I have no maps available. And I do NOT have a "regular" computer.

I'd really appreciate any help!!! :cry:


  • dhn 336 Points
    The maps are first stored on the C: drive and then installed on the unit.

    It seems as if your C:\ drive does not have sufficient space. Do you have a larger partition on your physical hard drive?

    In Home's Tools-->Preferences-->Folder Locations, you are supposed to be able to change location of the various folders.

    If you do have space on a different partition, you may try to alter the location in that screen.
  • Islander 0 Points
    You may want to try temporairly off loading a couple of folders from your ASUS onto an external drive. This should allow you to complete the map install then you can copy the folders back to your ASUS from the external drive. Make sure you don't transfer any system folders to the external drive!!
  • LostinPA 0 Points
    Thanks Islander, I was able to dump some files and stuff onto my usb drive, and then complete the map update! :D

    @dhn I did change those to my external HD as advised by phone support, but that only seems to be an available option for back ups and stuff.

    I'm now getting directions from Yoda!! Thank you so much for all of your help!
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