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2535 live with new update 870

volant9999 0 Points
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i read on another forum that one user noticed signficant improvements in the speed of the previously sluggish UI. according to the user (and i quote):

"Just Downloaded and installed 870 new map for my 2535 Live and WOW what a difference it Makes. All of a sudden, it flies thru menus, screen to screen, looks like THEY finally optimized maps for a new software."

has anyone else noted these improvements as well? any other noticeable improvements?

i have been using the magellan and garmin units and have been very interested in the HD traffic of tomtom. i've been tracking all the threads regarding the 2535 live and debating whether or not to make the leap to tomtom.

mvl gave some sage advice:
"I'd wait a while to see if Tomtom can get their act together before rushing to buy a GO 2535 LIVE...I'd treat Tomtom like I used to treat Microsoft, I'd never buy their products until at least 1-2 service packs come out. "

mvl, is now the right time to get the 2535, or should i still wait and let them iron out other kinks?

also, is there a reason they chose to limit their top-of-the-line 2535 live unit to 4gb memory and no support for an sd card, while the non-live 2535 gets 8gb?


  • mvl 191 Points
    The speed of the GO 2535LIVE has improved a bit with the update. My experience is that it isn't lightning fast (like a GO740 with app 8.312), but it's improved a bit vs the original software. The GO2535LIVE is on display at Best Buy, you can play with the interface and see if it already is fast enough for your needs or not.

    It still has a few UI bugs, but nothing I'd recommend waiting over. And it still crashes maybe once every 2 weeks, which is better than any other LIVE GPS out there (I've tried most of them).

    The only reason to wait right now is if you need some of the unbuilt features from day one. See here for the list of features that are still not yet built.

    The 4gb is enough to hold the builtin US/Canada/Mexico maps, but not large enough for the addition of most foreign maps. The 8GB version is designed for global use, and has more space to accommodate foreign maps.
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