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motonav tn765t 3d buildings

rabit1 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
My tn765t doesnt show the 3d buildings, actually I have only tried the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Buluding, but no 3d. Any ideas?


  • That's interesting. The 3-D pack was included in the latest map update (I believe 12/09), and I see quite a few in my neck of the woods (Charlotte, NC). I would be sure that such iconic buildings as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building would be top of the list to include.
    A couple of dumb questions:

    You are in 3-D mode, not 2-D, correct? (I know...please bear with me! :) )
    and, is your zoom level set close enough to see the buildings?

    Finally, I can't remember off hand (device is not in front of me) but I believe there is a setting under "Display" that affects the 3-D building display. Try hunting around for that.

    Good luck!
  • rabit1 0 Points
    at my age, I don't take offense to questions that may seem "dumb", since I may simply fit the bill. But yes, I am in 3d mode, tried it at all zoom levels. I pretty much checked everything that has to do with the display, navigation and and all other related whoop-de-do. I will keep looking and trying.

    Thanks for the reply.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Try this -

    Go into Trip Planner from the Main Menu.

    Click "Add" - In the City/State field enter Las Vegas and select that city from the list that it builds.

    In the street field enter Caesars Palace. Tap on the Search button. When the list is populated pick the first Caesars on the list.

    Then Add a second POI - this time search for Luxor by going through the same process as before.

    After both points have been selected scroll down the window to find the Simulate button. Select it and you should be "transported" to the Strip in Las Vegas and should see plenty of 3-D buildings and landmarks.

    If that does not work out then we will have to delve deeper into the problem.
  • rabit1 0 Points
    You people are awesome. Did as you said and viola, 3d building. Thank you and all who responded so much.
  • davelac 91 Points
    Yes - thank you from me too. I did follow the procedure to make sure I could see 3D buildings and they're there!

    I did notice last weekend on a trip through upstate NY that the terrain is somewhat modeled in the 3D view as well. I noticed a few dips in the road display and could see a different shade of green for what I think were hills and valleys through most of the trip. Is this in fact the case - is the terrain map modeled in 3D also, similar to what Navigon had promised a while back for its units?
  • moondog151 41 Points
    Yes, it sure I live in upstae NY and that`s the view I always see in my area...........
    Also, in my last trip to North of the Seattle area, not only the buildings in the cities were 3d, but the entire landscape throughout the whole state, were too........and very impressive, to say the least........
  • ^^^+1^^^

    I travel through the Blue Ridge and Smokey mountains quite frequently...looks really nice on the MotoNav. Very similar to my old Navigon 8100T.
  • Spyder63 331 Points

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