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Worth purchasing a Motonav tn765t?

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Hey all! I have been searching for a gps for a few weeks now, and always come back to the motonav tn765t. I know that motorola hasn't been supporting it like they should, but I see horrible reviews on all the other pngs I look at. I don't need updated maps. (will there be a way of getting new ones if motorola stops all together with this line?) Is it still worth the 130-150 it would cost? Thanks!


  • Having owned several Garmins, a couple of Navigons and now the MotoNav, I have to say that I am most pleased with MotoNav's overall performance. Unfortunately for me, I paid more than twice what you're considering paying :( but I'm still happy. The unit performs flawlessly, looks great, and I've got it "tweaked" with a custom skin, just the way I like it.

    Regarding map potential down the road, several of us have been lobbying Motorola to sell the rights to NaviExtras, the parent site for MotoExtras, which would enable us to purchase additional content there. No word yet on where that stands in negotiations (or if it's even being considered!).Regardless, for maps that are listed as Q4 2009, there are still roads on my MotoNav that don't show up on my updated, latest map loaded Garmin. Go figure!

    So, I feel that, for the money, that's a great deal and it is something you will be happy with.
  • Thanks! This helps me a lot! :D
  • If you're a bit computer savvy, you may want to check out the "skins" that have been listed by Spyder on this forum. It's an easy way to gain additional functionality and improve the appearance of your device.
  • I have been reading about these. Is there just one or have others made some as well on this forum? I plan on ordering my nav this weekend! :)
  • Check out the "sticky"in this forum by Spyder "Revision History of PND Skins for Motonav". There you will find several different skin iterations, as well as detailed instructions on how to install. There are screen shots of some of them so you can decide which one looks best to you, but be sure to read each description, as some skins have been upgraded but no new screenshot has been posted.
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