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How does the DETOUR feature work?

Let's suppose an orange-vested flagman directed me to turn onto a different street than what was originally planned. Should I put the Nuvi unit into the detour mode? What is supposed to happen?

Will the voice direct me to the original planned destination via an alternate route it has to 'recalculate'?


  • blupupher 91 Points
    The detour button will cause the GPS to avoid the next segment of the road. So if you can see there is a block far ahead and hit the detour button, and there is more than one segment between you and the blockage, it might send you right back into the blockage.
    from this post
  • popej 57 Points
    Should I put the Nuvi unit into the detour mode? What is supposed to happen?
    Take it easy ;)
    Nuvi will notice after a moment, that you are off route, and will automatically recalculate new route to your destination.
  • street RIGHT at the point of the blockage, I should then hit Detour?
  • sussamb 764 Points
    Follow popej's advice, no need to hit the detour button. That's more of use when you know there's traffic ahead and you want an alternative route before you hit it, or the nuvis routed you down a free way and you'd like to take a more scenic route
  • Jeeps 81 Points
    As others have suggested let the unit recalculate. But a couple things to keep in mind.

    Check your avoidances features. make sure u-turn has a check mark in the box, otherwise you may be rerouted right back where you started from.

    Your vehicles Speed. If traffic flow permits, drive a little slower as the unit is recalculating. Many Flag men re route you onto a "service" road or an "outer" road which follows the main road, many of these road's entrances are within a block of the main exit, so allow your GPS unit,and yourself enough time to make the turn.

    Follow the man on the grounds directions GPS doen't replace watching them.

    Also keep in mind, your Detour Button and a GPS is somewhat litteral meaning, once you were to push "Detour" it functions as if you litterally have a detour in front of you. You would actually need to touch the "Detour button before the flagman, and hope the GPS route was the same one the highway department set up for you. BUT if you waite untill your off the main road and touch "Detour" the GPS will once again think your detour needs to be detoured. aaaaaaaaaah. Thus the advice to let the GPS recalculate on its own.

    If all else fails, pull over and brows the map.
  • saxmaniac 0 Points
    The only time I use the detour button is when I'm on a longish road segment and know I don't want to go back onto it for whatever reason. It's pretty rare.

    If there's an actual detour, I just follow the detour and let it recalculate.
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