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Nuvi 265WT Traffic question

I've had my 265WT for a couple of years now, but recently I noticed that the free lifetime traffic wasn't working. I was in a huge traffic jam on the way to work and there was no traffic on my Nuvi and yes the cable/receiver was plugged in. After a call to Garmin and unselecting/re-selecting the Navteq traffic the dual green vehicles reappeared and it worked all the way home. But again today plugging in the cable/receiver does not produce the dual green vehicles so I tried the cord from a neighbor's 255WT and still no traffic.

Shouldn't the green vehicles always be present even if there's no report in the area or does it disappear? The reason I ask is that I plugged the neighbor's cable into their own 255WT and no green vehicles and yes the Navteq is enabled.

I'm really confused because it's been a long while since I've noticed the traffic working on this unit and it worked Friday but seems not to be working again now.




  • Marc 201 Points
    If it is receiving traffic information some color icon (green , yellow or red) should be showing. If you are not getting any traffic info in an area where in the past you did get it I would first try a system reset. (You reset it by pressing on the lower left of the screen while starting it up and keeping your finger on the screen until it asks you if you want to reset the device.) If that doesn't fix it, maybe the station stopped transmitting traffic info or your receiver on the power cord might have gone south.
  • mykall 0 Points
    Thanks I'll try that reset next time, hopefully that's just an NVram clear and leaves the data alone...right?

    I did notice the traffic again this morning, so it looks like unchecking/rechecking the navteq traffic reset it for now. Until I did that I had not seen the green cars for quite some time including the 2 hour traffic jam the other day, so it appears it's working again.


  • Boyd 1953 Points
    Before doing the reset, read our sticky thread here:

    It will erase your user data and all your preferences.
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