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More comments on the Magellan RoadMate 2000

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Since the Magellan RoadMate 2000 Review is closed, I thought I'd post my comments here.

I, too, bought my 2000 cheaply at Costco. It worked fairly well, but at certain intersections would tell me to turn left when I should turn right, and vice versa. A few times while on a route, all of the side streets would disappear, leaving only my route visible, no matter how far in or out I zoomed. The most annoying thing it did was, if I had the unit off and travelled a bit and then turned it on, it would never figure out where it was and display a current map. I would have to reboot it a couple of times before it would start working properly. Periodically, it would reboot on its own for no apparent reason. I figured all of these problems were due to the price I didn't pay for a better GPS unit. What made me decide to return it to Costco (for a full refund) after three weeks was that the jack on the car power cord became loose after about two weeks of use, and wouldn't stay connected to the unit and provide power to keep the battery charged. Not having a snap-in connector seems to be a fatal design flaw.
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