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gps for palm or separate unit

sfish7777 0 Points
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I have a Palm Tungsten T3 that I've used for several years now. I recently purchased a Global Sat BT359 bluetooth GPS unit that connects well with the Palm. The mistake I made was purchasing Delorme Street Atlas USA to use as sofware for the PDA. It is very difficult to use.

Now I'm trying to decide. Should I purchase TomTom Navigator 5 software or Emtac and stick with Palm GPS


Return BT359 and shell out about $100 extra to get the TomTom One ($399 - $100 rebate)?


  • Tim 1482 Points
    The Palm/Bluetooth GPS solution isn't a bad one and one that I use frequently. I keep a Bluetooth GPS hard wired to the car in the glove box.

    The TomTom software works quite well. You could look at getting the newer TomTom Navigator 6 product. it is really quite nice and you can end up with a great product for less cost than say their 910 product.

    The downside to the Palm/Bluetooth route is that you may often need to power both devices in the car. As Bluetooth drains batteries fast you might need aux power for both the Bluetooth GPS and the PDA.
  • Thanks for the input. Will the TomTom Navigator 6 software work with the Tungsten T3. I heard somewhere that it didn't.

    Also, does the TomTom software allow you to plan a route across different maps seamlessly? I read an article that said that it didn't.

    It sounds to me like it would be difficult to do a full days driving with gps if you were having to load different maps all day.

    If it can work, I do love the TomTom softwares interface.
  • Tim 1482 Points
    TomTom doesn't list the Tungsten T3 as being compatible. Either they haven't tested it (in which case maybe it does work) or they know it doesn't work.

    The TomTom 6 software comes with a seamless map, therefore it should allow you to play a route any route you want. The TomTom Navigator 5 software came as individual maps so you could not create a route across multiple maps. They did, however have a "major roads of USA" map which would allow you to route from one state to another without needing to switch maps so long as the starting location and destination were in the "major roads" map.
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