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Help to install IGO on a SD Card

Albinoni 0 Points
Need some help here. If I download a new version of IGO Maps and want to put it on a SD card so I can use it on my GPS how do I do it, i.e do I just simply select all and drag and drop the IGO contents on the SD card.


  • Just insert your sd card to your GPS, then open GPS, set Nav path to "IGO" in your sd card.
  • It is dependent on how your GPS was initially set up. iGo usually wants to load wherever the original maps were stored. If they came installed on the internal memory that is where it wants to be. If you run out of room and want to buy additional maps you usually want to recreate the file structure of the internal memory and move the old maps and related POIs and any 3d files to that, thereby opening up additional space to install the new maps on your internal memory. You cannot simply download the additional maps to a card as the toolbox software will not allow that.
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