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Via 1535 TM?

duckhunter00 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
I read alot of bad reviews about the Tomtom Via 1535 TM. wondering is the device that bad or are people just just having bad experiences with it. I am trying to decide on going with the tomtom or having to stay with the garmin 1450 lmt, i am not sure what to do. i have a couple of weeks to decide if i want to trade.


  • dhn 336 Points
    There are various issues with the Via models, mostly software related and having to do with updating the map and having to deal with the web based MyTomTom interface.

    Some are not having the problems, though..........

    Tough call but personally I'd avoid getting that model for now (or any 2X TomTom model, either).
  • Do you think it will just take time to work out the mishaps?
  • dhn 336 Points
    Sure, but nobody knows how long. Could be weeks ....... or longer!!
  • I bought a 1535 with lifetime maps and traffic on black friday, so far I've been happy with it (I've been a Garmin user in the past but was annoyed with the MSN shutdown and I didn't want a system that forced ads like some of the newer Garmins)

    I do have a question about IQroutes though. Will the device eventually learn my prefered route vs. the one that it come up with. Really the difference is just preference in that either will work. Is there a way to speed up the learning process?

  • Tim 1486 Points
    IQ Routes doesn't learn your preferred routes, it learns the fastest route from all TomTom users. So if you keep driving your preferred route and it is indeed faster (based on all TomTom users driving that route) then it will eventually show that route when the IQ routes data gets updated. However if your preferred route is actually slower (again, based on all TomTom users driving the trout) then you could just be reinforcing the devices preference to go the other (faster) way.
  • I had both theGarmin andTomtom.

    even purchased another TT but returned it, I gave it two tries.

    I preferre to just drive, and get there.

    Well garmin has a Brighter screen, Louder voice better turn and next direction and larger font for viewing things, but guessed milage on pre set addresses.

    a lot can be said but to each their own, Until a better model to suit my need I have to use garmin for now.
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