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How to insert a micro SD card into my Garmin

Ok, this is embarrasing, but I have a quick question.

I purchased from Garmin the City Navigator Europe NT maps on a microSD card for a trip that I will be taking next month.

I know this is hard to believe, but I am not sure how to insert this into my Garmin Nuvi 1350. I obviously know which end goes into the device, but I'm not sure which side is up.

With the device screen facing me, do I insert the card into the slot in the upper left hand corner with the word "SanDisk" facing upwards and towards me, or do I turn it around with the words facing away from me and upside down? I've tried inserting it with the words facing me, but it seems stubborn when I try to insert it. I don't want to break it, so I stop at this point. I'm also not sure how far to insert it into the slot. Can anyone advise me on this with directions? If not, I can call Garmin when they open up on Monday. Thanks in advance!!


  • alanb 418 Points
    I replied to this in your post at POI Factory, but will also include the reply here for reference:

    It is different on different devices. On my 755T the SD card goes in with the contacts down, printed side up. On my 855, the micro SD goes in with the contacts up. Why? Only Garmin knows. But it should only go in one way. There is a stop in the slot to prevent inserting it wrong. If it seems to want to go "crooked" when trying to push it in, try the other way.
  • bunkman 0 Points
    Just wanted to let you know. I got mine inserted.

    On the Nuvi 1350, the copper tabs face me as I'm facing the device.

    Thanks again.

    As always, my fear of breaking things make me extra cautious, so I was afraid of forcing the card in the wrong way.

    But, it's all good now. :D
  • alanb 418 Points
    Yeah, being careful is always better than being sorry later. Glad you got it to work.
  • Not a dumb question at all! MicroSD cards are very tiny and seem fragile. I too wanted to look it up the first time I tried to use mine as well.
  • ozarkie 84 Points
    Since there are various ways to insert microSD chips, depending on model, I posted this earlier in the Auto Forum. Applies to any device that uses externally mounted chips:

    "I believe this might be a VERY simple way to determine the orientation for the memory card, regardless of Garmin model.

    Use a small, bright flashlight like the miniature LED type or similar. Look into your mem card slot. You will see a flat, shiny plate on one side and several tiny protruding contacts on the other. The flat side of the card fits on the flat metal surface and the copper strip contacts on the card fit the protruding contacts in the slot...that's how the data gets transferred.

    You can then put some kind of mark such as a paint dot on both your card and the corresponding side of the GPS slot, then just match the dots when inserting."
  • Ozarkie, excellent notion!

    I tried your method (even though I figured my own out sometime ago), however even with a light, my vision prevents me from seeing the small details. :cry: I think us over 40 folks will still find this a problem.

    It really is too bad that Garmin, and card makers, have not come together to make that clear for everyone.

    Ah well. As Walgreens has said, "if life was perfect..."
  • zthej 0 Points
    I also just got aan SD card for Spain. I put in in with the proper contacts facing each other. It goes in easily but not all the way. It seems to be spring loaded and pops out about a 1/8 in. when I say search for barcelona spain it can't find it help please.
  • Boyd 1848 Points
    Just be SURE it is correctly positioned. Then push it in farther; it should reach a point where it clicks into place. To remove, push in again and it should pop back out.
  • zthej 0 Points
    Thanks. I just didn't push in in hard enough. Got it and it now works
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