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I have recently purchased a Nuvi 265W, I need to go to Ikea Bordeaux, France, whose address is:-Centre commercial Bordeaux-Lac
Avenue des 40 journaux
33 049 Bordeaux-Lac.
None of this address i.e. the post code, the name of the street or Bordeaux Lac will go into the sat-nav it just says "not found" or goes to another name.
Is there another way of inputting an address like just the city name or post code and scrolling through the street names?
I find the instructions which came with the Nuvi most dire.

chubb3g114 :(


  • sussamb 304 Points
    Well I found it using the following method:

    Tap Where to>Near>A different city>Bordeaux and select Bordeaux 33 from the list that popped up. Then tap Points of interest>Spell name and spell Ikea.

    Up it pops :)
  • wbport 41 Points
    With earth.google, the coordinates seem to be 44.883216° , -0.565544° if that helps.
  • t923347 227 Points
    Also Where To - Address - Search All may find it the address easier than entering Bordeaux specifically. You'll get a list of all the places that have that address and you pick the one that your actually looking for.
  • Hi
    Thanks for all the help, found it OK.

    chubb3g114 :D
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