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Home Software Does Not Work with my 335 XL

imsiegfried 0 Points
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Hi, In case my question got lost as a reply in an older thread ....

First of all, this is hands down the most helpful site I've found.

I'm totally new to using a GPS so please bear with me. When I try to use the Home software it doesn't work, except to install updates. I can't navigate with my GPS, I can't enter a route, I can't use my keyboard, etc. The only thing I can do is read the owners manual.

Is this normal? The reason I ask is because I looked at the TomTom website and though I do have some trouble finding my model, there is a page that shows GSP models that don't work with Home yet. But after browsing this website for my model it seems it should work fine?

FWIW, I installed Home software as asked when I plugged in my GPS to my Mac first time, and choose to update the map right away, not knowing better. Any time it said there were updates that looked appropriate I installed them.

Maybe this was not the thing to do yet?

Later today....Now when I plug in my GPS to my Mac it does not ask me if I want to connect to my computer. The GPS goes straight to route planning. Nor does it start Home software as checked in preferences. And Home software does not recognize that devise is connected.

I'm getting really bummed.
How do I do a reset of the 335?

Thank you SO very much in advance.
<Confused and sad>


  • dhn 336 Points
    See reply in previous thread about resetting the unit. I'll lock this one as you're basically asking the same stuff over there.
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