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New NUVI 265WT - How long should battery charge last?

I just bought a NUVI 265WT and am having some battery charge problems... When this device is fully charged how long should the battery last before the thing dies? For whatever reason the device doesn't seem to charge when I plug it in to the car charger... it says the charging device has been unplugged do you want to go on the battery... and then I fully charged the device using a usb connection (left it plugged in overnight) but once I started using it in the carthe battery only lasted for about 2 hours before it died...Is this normal?

AlM :?:


  • DonF 0 Points
    Check your 12V (Auto) cable and your 12V outlet in the car to see if there is power. I can't remember if there is a fuse in the cord, if so, check that too.
  • 2 Hours?
    I'm lucky to get even 40 minutes..LOL.
  • kenp 92 Points
    My 255WT (same thing but without bluetooth) lasts several hours on battery. At least it did when new. Haven't run it on battery now that it has a couple of years under its belt. It does fine drawing power through the power cord. If you're not getting power, I suspect you're also missing out on the "T" part.

  • Boyd 1853 Points
    I think two hours is quite normal, especially if the screen brightness was set to full. Sounds like your power cord/traffic receiver is defective. I agree with Don - check to see if there's a fuse and if it's blown.
  • t923347 413 Points
    Also if Bluetooth is enabled it will shortest the length of time you can run on battery. With Bluetooth enabled and brightness set fairly high, 2 hours is pretty normal for a battery charge.
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