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davelac 91 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
Does anyone consider an extension subscription (one or three year) to Motoextras for Google, weather, fuel, etc. to be valuable? I was thinking about trying it, but am worried that it Motorola will cut off its supoort of the service midstream now that it no longer produces the device.

Any thoughts or recommendations? Thanks.


  • moondog151 41 Points
    Personally, I do find it quite valuable. I use it every couple weeks or so, mainly for sending locations to my unit via google maps. Even tho the 3 yr. subscription does offer a better value (dollar wise) I only get the one year plan, just in case something developes with my current unit (like freezing up, or not responding, or anything of that nature,). My one year subscription has expired, back on the 3rd of this month, and I do need to renew it. Is the motoextra`s valuable? That`s an individual consideration, depending on your own needs........
  • cheyenne 0 Points
    I am lucky, I still have 75 days left on my 3 month free trial
    but I know already that I will buy the 1 year subscription. For roughly $3.25 cents per month, it's really not a bad deal if you use it. So far I have used it quite a bit. I like the gas prices and weather. I like the google map thingy too. All in all, I love the unit and I still haven't ruled out new maps coming. So yes, In my humble opinion, I think it's worth it
  • dhave 0 Points
    I use Google Maps send-to-GPS feature fairly often. I occasionally use the fuel price app, and I've played around with the flight status feature. But the Google Maps feature is the most useful and, to my mind, worth the price. I decided to go with the one-year subscription, though, since I imagine I'll be using another GPS three years from now.
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