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Traffic information on a go720

jimbir 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
My brother in law has a new XL350. While we were on a recent trip, it would alert us to a traffic problem ahead and offer to reroute us around it. Is there an application I can download and install on my GO720 that will do the same thing? If so, please tell me where to find it.

Thanks Jim


  • dhn 336 Points
    He must have had the T model where a combo rds-tmc antenna/car charger was attached.

    Unfortunately, that will not work with the 720 model as it requires Navcore 9X to function and the 720 is essentially frozen at 8.351.

    There used to be an antenna that would work in the 720 but it is not supported/available to my knowledge.
  • jimbir 0 Points
    If I were able to find such an antenna, Ebay, wherever, Would I still be able to use it? Would I have to subscribe to a service and does it still exist? Can you give me some information about the antenna so I know what to look for?

    I noticed a device molded into the power cord of his XL350 and suppose that was the traffic antenna.

  • dhn 336 Points
    Yes, his traffic cable was likely this one:

    It won't work on a 720 and tomtom doesn't offer any traffic antenna for a 720 any longer.

    You may be able to find one on ebay BUT if you do, it has to be a North American unit and it may have the one-year subscription 'built in' to the unit. You certainly can't activate a subscription with tomtom since they don't offer it
  • jimbir 0 Points
    10-4 on that cable.
    looks like I'll buy a XL350TM for the maps and traffic.
    There are a number of reviews by people who had a hard time getting the update service to work. What have you heard about this?
  • dhn 336 Points
    You simply plug it in. Remember, trafic info via rds-tmc is never as current or accurate as that obtained by a unit with LIVE Services but it's better than nothing.

    Also, coverage may not be the best in some areas. See here for the areas included:
  • jimbir 0 Points
    Sorry. The problem was with map updates. Apparently there's some kind of code that has to be sent to Tom Tom and it's not being accepted.
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