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XL350 issue with startup and shutdown items

brianwetzel 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum

I have tried to add downloaded startup and shutdown items to my new XL350 and it seems to work but I never see the new items on the unit to select them. I also am bothered by not seeing the existing items in TomTom Home under "Manage my device". I see only one item under both "start-up images" and "Shut-down images" on the device and it is the current one it is using. I also downloaded some car images and they work ok. I tried to explore the unit in Windows and do see a directory called "Pictures" but do not see what should be happening for the copied startup and shutdown images. Any assistance would be welcome.

Thanks, Brian.


  • dhn 336 Points
    The 350 comes with Easy Menu and, therefore, has less user functionality than full menu models.

    To add a custom menu allowing for more user choices, see here:
  • So even though I have the option in TomTom Home to download startup and shutdown images and install them from there it actually does not work by design?
  • dhn 336 Points
    I think for that model you need to manually rename the startup file you've downloaded as splashw.bmp, place it in the root of the unit (not in any folder) and overwrite the existing splashw.bmp file.
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