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2200T AC adapter

digger 0 Points
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Hello. New guy here with a newbie question.

I recently purchased the 2200T (haven't got it yet) and want a better way to charge it rather than in the car. Where can I get a AC power adapter for the 2200T? Magellan shows one on their website but it says it is for the 800 but is listed under the 2200T (confused). I checked for hours on the web but couldn't find one listed for the 2200T. Thanks :D


  • Tim 1481 Points
    The one that is listed with a description saying it is compatible with the 800 is compatible with more devices than just the 800 according to the way I'm reading their documentation. I assume it is an oversight in how they wrote the description.
  • digger 0 Points
    Thanks Tim. I'm learning how bad Magellans customer service is. I tried contacting them to make sure about the adapter and unless you own one of their products you cannot email them with a question. :(

    I have ben reluctant to call because I was told that their phone service was even worse.
  • digger 0 Points
    Well I going to take a chance and buy the adapter for the 800 if I find it shopping today. Magellan never did return my email concerning the compatibility with my 2200T. :(
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