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Adding Features for the Roadmate 5045LM

dlandjs 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
I see the option in the menu on the device. What kind of features are available? Don't see anywhere on Magellan's website where I can get any. Are there third party features available anywhere?


  • wyd 0 Points
    I was kinda wondering that as well. I just bought a new one last week and really like it. Been working great and the free map upgrades for a lifetime and great for me since I'm a estimator and drive constantly to new places.
  • Hello,

    I have a Roadmate 2136TM, that when I enter DEMO into the Add Features it puts my Roadmate into Demo Mode.

    Then when I enter a destination, the route is followed in simulation mode just as if I were actually driving. This is really cool, because I can view the route before I ever climb into the car.

    To exit Demo Mode and set the gps back to normal mode, I re-enter the word DEMO into the Add Features.

    It should, I think, also work for your gps.

    Note: the word DEMO is all capital letters.

    I googled "Magellan Add Features" and found this tip. I couldn't find any other Add Features than this though.

    Hope this helps
  • Nice tip! First time I've seen that one mentioned.

    Welcome to the forums :)
  • Hello again,

    I forgot to mention in the post above, that while my Roadmate is driving to a destination in simulation mode, I have to periodically press a screen button, such as the ETA Tab in the lower left of the screen. Any button will work, I just like looking at the ETA Tab's data.

    Otherwise, the Roadmate will exit the driving simulation and go back to the Destination Entry Screen.

    By pressing a screen button, the Roadmate is "forced" to continue driving in simulation mode. I found this out when I was "viewing" a long route in simulation mode. After a while, the Roadmate would go to the Destination Entry Screen. But if I periodically pressed a button on the screen while I was viewing the long route in simulation mode, it would continue without going the the Destination Entry Screen.

    Just guessing here, but the driving simulation must be on a timer. So that when there is no touch screen activity, the timer times out, and we are taken back to the Destination Entry Screen. But when I press a screen button, the timer is reset and I am allowed to continue driving in simulation mode. Just a guess, might be wrong about this. I will have to perform some timing experiments on a long driving simulation to see if it goes to the Destination Entry Screen at the same time, every time.

    Hope I didn't muddle that up. I got a little long winded there.
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