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Nuvi 200W and System Software Missing

Hey All,

Im having problem with my Nuvi 200w. It all started with me getting in the car and the gps turned on as it should when you start the car. But this one time, it did something different. It looked like as if it was restarted or reformatted..! It was showing points on the screen to touch to calibrate it. Then it was asking for all of the set-up info. But when I got to the gps map and info, there was none... As if it was all erased. Then when I turned it off and back on, it was turning off and on... And now it is sometimes showing when you turn it on " System Software Missing" right above the Garmin logo in the middle of the screen... So what do I do..? Or can I do..? Its looking like its time for a New one. I have never had a problem with this unit :D and I had over a Million miles on it. Love the Nuvi's


  • t923347 414 Points
    My guess would be that you have a corrupted file system on the Nuvi. Can you attach the Nuvi to your computer and have a look at the contents of the internal storage drive? If you see odd characters in the file names or files with strange creation or modification dates then file corruption is the likely cause.

    Unless you have a complete backup of your Nuvi stored somewhere you maybe out of luck getting it working again. One thing you could try is to attach the Nuvi to the PC and using Garmin's Webupdater see if you can install the latest firmware. This may get you back to a point where the Nuvi will at least boot up to a place where we can determine what else is missing or corrupted.
  • Boyd 1953 Points
    "system software missing" would imply that the firmware is damaged. I agree - see if Webupdate can reinstall the firmware.

    But if you really do have "a million miles" on that unit, if you don't like messing with computer problems, and if you can afford it.... time to get a new model. :)
  • IROCZ89 0 Points
    t923347 & Boyd,

    Thank you for your info. I have tried to connect the gps to my PC. But no luck and the firmware is up to date and I have tried to update it or rest it and or reload a back up. So... We move on... What is another Great one to get...? 8)
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